Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To Curse or Not To Curse- That is the Question

I was taking out the trash this evening.  I went through the backyard, pulled out our disgustingly smelly garbage can and wheeled it to the front. Mosquitos were lighting me up because the air was so humid.  I walked back into the house and found my son very upset.  After asking why, he explained that there were kids in his camp class who would curse around him and at times, at him.  

My bear claws are starting to protude.

He explained that most students cursed in the camp; there was only a handful that he knew that wouldn't.  He is one that doesn't like profanity and just about anything that is unhealthy for the body or soul.  I can respect that.  I unfortunately had to explain that he should be alarmed and aware when he hears this type of language, but he shouldn't be freaked out.  I told him that I used to curse when younger (although I could never string together the right curse words-I always sounded crazy). 

We hear profanity everywhere:  in music, television, the radio, and read it in our books.  It's darn near impossible to avoid it.  But is the use of profanity necessary?

Would love your thoughts. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall--I have NOS!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Off Season...for dads: Get Money

No Off Season...for dads: Get Money

If at First You Don't Succeed- Lessons from the Pinewood Derby Pt.2

Last year in March I wrote a post about the Pinewood Derby. It was a time of lessons, dejection, and tears. It was a life lesson, one to be remembered. But now it's 2014, and times, cars, and mind sets have changed. And for the better. The Pinewood Derby teaches perseverance. It teaches you how to make changes from your mistakes. It also teaches you that you must get up when you fall down. My son took a car, revised it, changed up a little bit of the shape and weights, added a fresh coat of paint and entered into the 2014 Pinewood Derby contest. As you can see, there was a lot more success. 

Here's my reoccurring lesson: a loss is  SOOOO much different from a defeat. And it's soooo overrated! I can get up from a loss. The Miami Heat can bounce back from a loss. The Soviet hockey team can regroup from their loss to the Americans (they lost at the Sochi Olympics-- Go USA!). A defeat is a mindset. And my son was not defeated. I'm very proud of them. As well as that #7 car. 
I'm NOS!